The Arts Desk

“Astonishingly good … bold, confident and extrovert, this is thrilling.”

Mail on Sunday

“dazzling … some of the finest string playing ever put on disc by a British orchestra.”

The Spectator

“The strings rear up, there’s a flash of steel from the trumpets, and ten seconds into Respighi’s ‘Feste Romane’, you can already tell that things are about to get physical. It’s the heft of the sound that floors you — the gut punch of a 100-piece orchestra darting through Respighi’s Technicolor sonorities with the silken grace of a puma  … The quiet passages have a tactile, perfumed softness that you won’t hear from any other orchestra.” 

MusicWeb International

“This is a fabulous disc. John Wilson puts these scores across with a dramatist’s flair but also with a scrupulous ear for detail. His hand-picked orchestra plays superbly from start to finish. The big moments are absolutely thrilling, but just as exciting are the many passages of quiet subtlety; these are all delivered with unfailing sensitivity.”

“I’m struggling to think of an orchestral recording that has impressed me more … This is a knock-out recording.”



BBC Music Magazine

“There are dozens of versions of Respighi’s ‘Roman Trilogy’ available, but I’ve heard none better than this. The orchestral playing is magnificent, and its joy and exuberance are a tonic.”

Gramophone Magazine

“This is a high-voltage interpretation, virtuosically  played and strong on detail and drama…as we have come to expect from these forces, the results are nothing if not gripping. 

The competition in this repertory is stiff…but Wilson and his orchestra more than hold their own against their rivals, and perhaps just have the edge over them thanks to Chandos’s superbly engineered recording, which is state-of-the-art, and absolutely stunning.”

MusicWeb International

“I have never heard this music presented with such power and detail and sheer visceral excitement but also with such control and sophisticated balance – it is literally revelatory…. this might just be one of Chandos’ finest feats of engineering ever, showcasing the superlative and sophisticated playing of John Wilson’s Sinfonia of London. A genuine triumph.”

The Sunday Times

“The meticulous Wilson is compelling…he makes the music of all three scores sing with an Italiante accent while encouraging his players to heights of virtuosity. and a rich spectrum of dynamics and colour.”

The Observer

“Deprived as we are of big orchestras, this disc is a joy: massive, audacious and vividly played… Respighi’s best known work – Roman Trilogy – is brought to dazzling new life by John Wilson and his historic recording orchestra.”

The Telegraph

“In Wilson’s interpretation the piece was brought to life for me as never before. Until I heard this I thought there were two truly outstanding accounts of this trilogy: Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra on RCA from 1949; and Riccardo Muti and the Philadelphia Orchestra on EMI from 1984. Now I believe there are three.”

The Arts Desk

“Fritz Reiner’s improbably lush Chicago Symphony version on RCA should be on all shelves, along with this John Wilson disc with Sinfonia of London. You hear stuff that you’ll struggle to notice in other performances. …Sumptuous sonics and good notes, too. Go on – treat yourself.”

The Classic Review

“Wilson navigates changes of meter, key and tempo with ease, creating the clearest visuals in the mind’s eye. The orchestral colours Wilson and co cajole are sheer beauty…A remarkable album to treasure.”

Presto Classical

“With dazzlingly inventive dashes of orchestration and demandingly intricate writing across all sections, these three pieces are the perfect vehicle to showcase the sensational virtuosity on offer from this ensemble. …A thrilling culmination to yet another phenomenal album from John Wilson and Sinfonia of London.”

Classical CD Choice

“This is really something special: astonishingly detailed, spectacularly exciting, delivered with the full-blooded panache that we have come to expect from John Wilson and this orchestra. …Sinfonia of London plays as if their lives depended on it, and tackle the pieces here with a dazzling combination of orchestral finesse and virtuosity.”

BBC Music Magazine

“All the performances are beyond praise and superbly recorded. This is undoubtedly my best disc of the last 12 months”

Gramophone Magazine

“The enthusiasm that Wilson elicits from his orchestra is very much apparent on every track, though what really impresses is the finesse as well as the virtuosity of the playing, the refinement of detail, the subtlety of texture and colour.”

The Guardian

“All of the music requires refined, stylish playing, and Wilson and his orchestra can certainly supply that. Their performance of Debussy’s Prelude lays down an early marker of their subtlety.”

Financial Times

Wilson’s technically brilliant orchestra is in its element and the performances add an extra dash of showmanship to the music’s luminous, sensuous, always totally French sound-world.

The Classic Review

“Ravishing – a performance that balances fragile beauty and fulsome passion. It’s easy to imagine this will be one of my top 5 recordings of the year – urgently recommended.”

The Symphonist

“It’s a very long time since a record gave me so much sheer listening pleasure. Already a contender for Record of the Year.”

The Telegraph

“Delicious from beginning to end, and the performances from Sinfonia of London and John Wilson are wonderful.”

Daily Mail

Terrific…if Wilson and the Sinfonia of London carry on like this, it will become a memorable partnership.”

Sunday Times

This first album is a promise of great things to come. The Symphony emerges as a near-masterpiece in [Wilson’s] flexible hands, fabulously played by the musicians. More, please.”

Gramophone Magazine

“Every phrase speaks; textures are translucent and detailed, and the string sound glows from within. Stirring, thought-provoking and superbly played, this disc is a tonic.”

BBC Music Magazine

“The playing of the Sinfonia of London is astonishingly brilliant, with Hollywood-dream glories in the string tone.”

Classical Source

“Wilson’s most substantial recording achievement to date. Setting new standards in several respects…these scores have surely never been prepared to so exalted a standard.”